Ramón Iglesias Hernández

45 years old

He emigrated from El Salvador in 2000 at the age of 26, looking for a better future here in the United States. When he found himself in this country without a family, without a job, and without a house, that was the reason that led him to use drugs and then entered the gang. After that he began to sleep in the streets and in the mountains of the city of Columbia, Maryland lost in drugs, alcohol, prostitution and lost along with him his blood brother, Marcos. He had no money to buy food and he had to look for junk in the trash to eat, he had got some hamburgers and some beers because he had stolen from someone, He had also stolen a tape recorder and another boy had told him not to waste his batteries. the tape recorder because he was going to return to keep them company, so what he did was turn on the radio to listen to worldly music because listening to the Radio the batteries are less spent. And while searching he met 1120 AM New World Radio and a brother was preaching and praying for the people who were under the bridges and who are lost in the streets.

Then Ramón said in his mind: If you are praying for the people who walk in the streets because I cannot get out of here, and he says that he heard the voice of God twice that he said: “today you leave here.” And he thought he was going crazy because he was listening to voices And that day a boy named Melvin arrived who was looking for another person who was right there lost in vices and did not find him. Then I ask Ramón about the boy and Ramón told him that this boy was not there. And that was when Melvin called Pastor Iluminada Gómez, she had previously told him that there was a space for the boy he went to look for , but he did not find it, and when he saw Ramón and Marcos, he called her again to tell him that it was possible to accept the 2 in the program, since Ramón is Marcos’s older brother and he was not going to leave him lying on the mountain.


When we arrived at the Restoration House program, my brother and I were dirty, malnourished, hungry, stinky for the time without bathing and beaten. A person on the street had hit me, I was toothless. God allowed us to meet Pastor Iluminada Gómez. As a month I received Christ in my heart and he freed me and broke the chains that bound me to vice, my pastor taught me to pray, to read the word and also to cook and then I was one of the cooks of the program, because everyone who arrives learns a trade. The program also fixed my dentures, since it provides medical insurance. A year later I was baptized and learned to play the guitar. My Pastor urged me to go to the Mizpa Bible Institute to prepare myself in the word of God, where God allowed me to graduate. I was 3 and a half years in the program.


Leaving the program I started looking for work in restaurants because I learned to cook in the program and started working and then I found a church nearby where I lived and there I began to congregate, where I was for two years. That’s where God began to deal with me so that I could give what I received by grace, In order to help others, how they helped me out of drugs, alcohol, and gangs. Why that was what the program did with me, changing my life to a man of good and purpose in God. God opened my Understanding and gave me the passion, love, and patience to work with people in need.


We begin the work in the house of my brother Marcos and to this day God has kept us firm. God called me as pastor, the Church was growing and God provided the place and now there are about 30 members. The church is called Pentecost Church Walking With God Genesis 5:24 in Columbia, Maryland. Now I am working at the IHOP restaurant. God has allowed me to go to study the fourth year of the Mizpa Bible Institute, has allowed me to have a driver’s license, my own car, a place to live, and now I am happy in Christ. First of all I thank God, my pastor Iluminada Gómez for helping me in the Ministry of Restoration. Glory and honor is for God.

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